About us

At Party Loans, we strive to meet all your logbook loan needs without a hassle. Since inception, we have been able to avail logbook loans to thousands of UK individuals who have perennially been refused loan facilities due to the status of their credit score. We believe that having a poor credit rating need not be a reason as to why a person cannot get access to loan facilities. As such, we have been ahead of the pack in ensuring that we assist as many UK citizens as possible get approved for a logbook loan in the shortest time possible.

At Party Loans, we are not only committed to approve you for a logbook loan but also take it upon ourselves to ensure that you get the necessary education prior to applying for a loan. Our customer personnel have undergone the necessary training and therefore have the necessary skills and knowledge to accord you proper advice as regards money and debt management. We believe in our customers and strongly hold the opinion that were it not for them, we would not have scaled the ladders to become the most sought after logbook loan lender in the UK.

Our logbook loans boast of the most competitive interest rates in the market and therefore there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t try us today. We put the needs of our customers before our own and as such endeavor to approve as many logbook loan applications as possible.